Emergency Response

What is Emergency Response?

With over a Million Malwares being released every day and considering the scale and size of IT stacks of large companies,
it’s expected that an organisation would be compromised at multiple levels. But when this compromise affects it's crown jewels,
the matter becomes of high priority to the top management of companies. In such situations we come and and
help you pin point the achilees heel in your technology stack along with facilitating you patch the identified gap in a quick and robust manner
such that your business can get back to being normal at the earliest.

Emergency Response Services

Setup of Incident

We can help you setup a team within your organisation by defining the set of responsibilities and action plan should there be a cyber intrusion incident.

Actual Incident Response

If you have been taken down by a hacking incident and would like to respond recover at the minimum possible time frame, we can provide you with such a service

Forensic Analysis post Incident Response

Once the initial response has occurred, investigating to find the root cause of the incident along with zeroing down on the source of attack to whatever extent possible

Emergency Response Process

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