Digital Forensics

Why Digital Forensics?

With strategic partnerships with some of the best OEM for Forensics tools from Israel, North America, Germany, Russia among others,
Lucideus brings in a unique competence of integrating the best tools from different manufacturers and providing
it’s clients a single point forensic solution for
almost any kind of requirement in this domain.

Our Expertise

Computer Forensics

This includes Gathering, preserving and analyzing the data found in digital devices like HDD Removable media. It also includes Hash Identification, Malware Analysis , Deleted Recovery of Data, Volatile Search, Hex Analysis, Hidden Images Identification & Reporting with Hash verification.

Mobile Forensics

This includes recovery of digital evidence or data from a mobile device under forensically sound conditions. It also includes Logical Extraction of Live Data, Physical Extraction of Deleted Data, File System Extraction, Password Extraction (Pattern, Pin, Numeric) and SIM Extraction that includes Cloning and Data Extraction.

Email Investigation

This includes Email Tracing, Cluster Analysis, Deleted mail identification from .pst / .ost files. Here we analyze the email headers and give complete details of the sender like IP address. We also coordinate with the local law enforcement and provide legal assistance as and when required.

Password Recovery

This includes complete all-in-one Password Recovery for Office documents, PDF, ZIP and RAR archives, among others. We can also recover or reset passwords for Operating Systems such as Windows, Linux and Mac. Some of our tools can also break password protected files for over 200 extensions(file types).

Social Media Discovery

Social Discovery is designed to effectively index social media content of specific target profiles or keywords from the leading social media networking sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. In addition, our capabilities can crawl, capture and instantly search content from dynamic webpages, webmail and YouTube.

Network Forensics

We can place our data sniffing tools inside a network that will intelligently capture and send the relevant data packets to our cloud. We further analyze the packets to find irregularities and potential attack patterns such that we are able to not only find out if there is data being sent out of the network to a hacker CnC but also pro-actively determine potential future attacks.

Benefits of Lucideus Forensics

With relationships with some of the best OEMs from across the globe, we can help organisations with the following:

  • Build a complete Cyber Forensics Lab from scratch
  • Provide Cyber Forensics Tools based Trainings
  • Help with Fraud Investigation & Incident Management
  • Provide Cyber Forensics Solutions on a case by case basis

Our OEM Partners

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