Governance & IS Policy Formulation

Why Governance & IS Policy Formulation?

Governance and policies form a base on which any organisation builds itself and is able to sustain it’s growth in a stable and controlled manner. As digital has today become the underlying horizontal for business both for business as usual and competitive advantage, it’s policy formulation takes a very high priority at the top management. With our cross sector experience, we help large companies define and modify their information security governance policies from time to time in line with global best practices.

Implementation Process

Planning & Approval Includes:

  • Identification and Meeting with Stakeholders
  • Use Case Sign Off
  • Management Acknowledgment and Approval

Governance & Policy Formation includes:

  • Formulation of Lucideus Governance and Risk Management Framework
  • Document Hand Over

Training includes:

  • Training Schedule for internal teaam & execution
  • Stratergize further execution based on the training and evalution Result
  • Document Hand Over

Stakeholder's Presentation includes:

  • Management Acknowledgement
  • Lucideus Presentation to the Stakeholders

Audit includes:

  • Post Implimentation Audit

Governance Policies

Access Control Policy

Asset Mangement Policy

Cloud Security Policy

Code Review policy

Compliance Management Policy

Cryptography Policy

Data Backup Policy

Data Center Policy

Document Control Policy

Employement Policy

Incident Response Policy

Information Disposal Policy

Intenal Audit Policy

IS Awareness Policy

IT Helpdesk Policy

Log Management policy

Malware Policy

Material Management Policy

Mobility Security Policy

Online Reputation Policy

Password Policy

Remote Access Policy

Social Media Policy

Third Party Access Control Policy

And other customised policies specific to the company/industry


Policy Formulation & Documentation
for each module

Training to internal team to implement the defined policies

Post implementation

Interested in Govenance Policy Formulation?

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